Spring Teams


UPDATED: December 15th, 2017

- 2012 Development Team - Players interested should contact springteams@havohockey.com. We will be running the Havoc daytime advanced kindergarten program for 2012 born this spring as well as a private Monday night 2 on 2 for select players. We encourage ALL 2012 players to register for our annual Fundamentals Spring Program (players will be divided into groups while the advanced 2012 will be moved into the 2011 program). The 2012 development team will compliment the Fundamentals program by selecting the top players to participate in games and tournaments. 

- 2011 Elite - We currently have 9 skaters & 1 goalie on this team. We are still evaluating new Elite players who missed tryouts. There will be an opportunity to be evaluated for this team by participating in the Quadrant Winter Showcase Dec. 27-29th. Please note that for Spring 2018 we have decided that the 2011 Elite team will NOT travel.

- 2011 AAA - We are still looking for goalies but our player positions are now full.

- 2011 Hero - A new and exciting spring program offered in 2018!!! For more information please contact hero@havochockey.com. There will be an opportunity to be evaluated for this team by participating in the Quadrant Winter Showcase Dec. 27-29th

- 2010 Elite & AAA - We currently have small rosters for both teams and will be running ongoing evaluations for any new player interested in joining either team. Elite will not have local competition this year and be travelling to tournaments as well as hosting at Winsport in May. AAA will play gold and be expected again this year to be one of the top Alberta 2010 Spring teams. Players should currently be playing Novice Division 1 to be considered for either team. Evaluations will be ongoing with an opportunity for players to skate at any of our upcoming development skates for this age group. Friday Nov. 17th at Fairview as well as Dec. 1 & 8th at Winsport. Please contact  springteams@havochockey.com if you are interested. Havoc 2010 Elite - Home Page Evaluation opportunity during the Quadrant Winter Showcase.

- 2009 Born - Please contact springteams@havochockey.com for more info. We have a core group of players to start a team and will be looking to add to this roster. Players interested will be evaluated during the Quadrant Winter Showcase Dec. 27-19th at Winsport. 

- 2008 Elite - This team currently has 7 forwards, 4 Defence and 1 goalie all returning for the season 2018! It is time to start recruiting and evaluating players interested in becoming part of this core group. There will be an opportunity to be evaluated for this team by participating in the Quadrant Winter Showcase Dec. 27-29th. Havoc 2008 Elite - Home Page 

- 2008 AAA - We have a core group committed to this team and are still looking for 3 forwards, 2 Defence & 1 goalie. Must be Atom 1 or 2 playerProgram is reduced to 20 hrs and 2 tournaments for those looking for less commitment but higher level development. There will be an opportunity to be evaluated for this team by participating in the Quadrant Winter Showcase Dec. 27-29th.

- 2007 Born - Thank you for your patience. More information coming shortly

- 2006 Elite - New Head Coach Darryl Olsen - We are looking for 1 more Elite defense (PW 1 or 2 only) and an elite 06 goalie.  Havoc 2006 Elite - Home Page. The members of this team will have access to numerous winter development opportunities starting in January including Pat Elynuik, Darryl Olsen and Precise Edge Boss training. 

- 2005 Hero - This team did not hold tryouts. It will be a competitive local team with Friday/Sunday practices comprised of PW 1 players who will be attending 3 tournaments. If you are interested in this option please contact springteams@havochockey.com 

- 2005 Elite - Players interested in professional weekday development locally with the OPTION of travelling to elite tournaments should contact us for more information. 2005elite@havochockey.com 

- 2004 Born - Pat Elynuik will be running an invite only development program once a week (tues or wed nights) for 2004 Elite players who aiming for be Bantam AAA next winter

- 2003 Born - Pat Elynuik will be running an invite only development program once a week (tues or wed nights) for 2003 Elite player players who will be playing Midget Quadrant Hockey in the 2018-19 winter season. 

- 2005-06 Born U12 Female - Tryouts and invitation for our female teams will begin early December. Check back for more information. 




Elite teams...are comprised of players who are not only the top player from their winter association but who are recruited from all over Southern Alberta and specifically invited to tryout for this level of team. These teams will be expected to travel to 2 out of province tournaments, host a tournament and will attend 1 local tournament competing against teams 1 year older. 

Gold AAA teams...are comprised of players who are the top 1-3 from their winter association. Players are invited to tryout and can also register online for tryouts but must play division 1 as second year players and who are also one of the top player from their winter teams. As a first year player they are expected to play either division 1 or 2 in winter. These teams will typically attend 1 out of town tournament and 2 local Calgary tournaments.

Hero teams... Our new Havoc Hero teams are an alternative option for those interested in less commitment both time and financially to our typical spring teams but are highly skilled players. We are not defining the skill level of this team only because the players are capable of playing on a elite and/or AAA team. They simply need an alternative program to suit their families needs and therefore does NOT define the skill level. The added bonus is that the Hero team at the Sr. Timbits (2011) will be partnered with the major peewee (2005) Hero team. Players from the 2005 team will be assisting the 2011 teams at practices and game. This will offer the players of the 2011 team someone to emulate, look up to and is some cases build a relationship with. It will also offer the Major PeeWee players an opportunity to experience coaching and give back to the hockey community. Both 2005 and 2011 Teams will receive 20 hrs of ice and attend 1 local tournament. The fees are reduced as the apparel required is also minimal. The focus is truly on development and character building. 

 If you are interested in trying out for one of the Havoc teams for the Spring 2018 season, please register using the form above and we will contact you when the tryouts are scheduled starting in October 2017.

Please review our FAQs page for more information or to submit your questions. ***FAQs***





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